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The question of optimal and intelligent control of data flow inside the network is very important when distributed data networks building. Synchron Company uses wide range of technologies for getting maximum efficiency, performance and reliability.

These technologies include the following:

  • traffic-engineering with using protocols of the second level
  • management and configuration combinations of routing protocols in the third level
  • using of special engineered technologies for traffic control, which combine advantages by first two, such as MPLS.

Combining of above technologies allows you to achieve maximum results.

Using of IP/MPLS technology is the foundation for implementing a range of services such as:

  • IP VPN (VPN)
  • organization of point-to-point channel (P2P) VPWS - Virtual Private Wire Service or AoMPLS (Any transport over MPLS)
  • organization of transparent connections (the second level of OSI : 802.1 q, Frame Relay, ATM...) by type point to point through the MPLS
  • organization of multipoint channels (P2M) VPLS-Virtual Private LAN Service
  • distributed LVS Emulation
  • virtual dedicated lines with the possibility of recovery for 50 ms.

Besides of IP traffic, technology, IP/MPLS transmits traffic of any protocol to the second level (Ethernet,Frame Relay, ATM, etc.). Transmission occurs transparently through the network, enabling operators continue to provide some outdated services and smoothly migrate to a more progressive package.
MPLS is also ideal for building networks for the technological needs of the telephone operators, such as transport for networks NGN.

This technology can provide the network recovery time less than 50 ms, which does not allow to interrupt phone conversations, organized through the network.Thus, operators of fixed line, long distance, international and mobile services can refuse from application of TDM solutions and use unified transport technology of MPLS, for both voice calls and data transfer.

Advantages of IP/MPLS technology:

  • the possibility of a smooth migration from services of provision data to services of IP traffic transit
  • optimal using of existing channel infrastructure
  • reducing of temporary costs on network maintenance.