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Synchron Company provides hosting services - accommodation and storage of files on the customer's hardware and software.

We provide the following types of hosting:
Web sites and information portals
Hosting organizes on the basis of all known for today technologies with the configuration of options according to customer requirements.
For today, service of e-mail domains and mailboxes placement is not innovation in the market. One of the unique services offered by our company is hosting with support of all services provided by the Microsoft platform.
Advantages of this service:
  • in addition to widespread communications protocol e-mail messages SMTP, POP3, IMAP 4, we provide a connection to the servers using the protocols MAPI, Active Sync , RPC over HTTPS , which allows you to receive united structure of mail folders and rules of sorting mail using mail client on PC when you have access to email through web interface and access from mobile devices. This greatly improves quality of mobile users work, which often include top executives and middle managers in company
  • ability to synchronize of data base between the phone, email client, web client. This service is convenient when work with large telephone books accumulated over the years, providing an opportunity to get all contacts at any device anywhere in the world within minutes. This ensures the existence of a full backup of a server farm that allows us not to concentrate on the preservation of data on separate devices. Also client gets access to calendars, public folders, etc. Customers which begin to use e-mail services at such level never return to base level, with its disadvantages. 
Database hosting
Our company provides access to databases, which is especially convenient for placing part of the client's server farm in the datacenter and it reduces the costs on organizing a dedicated database server on the client's equipment.
By type of providing, hosting resources divided into:
  • virtual Hosting
Virtual hosting is providing space on the drive for Web site placement with a single runtime environment of Web services and computing resources, which are also shared between all hosts. As a rule, it’s suitable for small private sites with a small attendance.
  • virtual private / dedicated server (VPS or VDS)
Service of virtual private dedicated server (VPS) means the provision of space on the disk, Internet channel and some capacity of server resources (part of total memory, processor time). For customer it looks like renting an entire server, but physically on one real server allocates several virtual servers. The advantage of this method of resources allocation is a reasonable balance between price and capabilities.
For today, due to the rapid technologies development, for small and medium-sized business clients, hardware capabilities of base server is more than enough. At the same time, the installation of a large number of services on one server inside a single operation system reduces system reliability. As a result, virtual servers are the ideal balance between the ratio of price/ performance through better use of hardware resources.
  • dedicated (physical) server
Ordering services of dedicated physical server, you also get two options: to rent physical server for your needs + to allocate it in our data center (Collocation service). Client receives physical machine of the basic configuration. This server has own disk space, memory, processor and other resources, also separate connection to the network. In general, rental service and accommodation servers have the following advantages:
  • decrease of initial cost of equipment
  • reduce the cost of equipment maintenance
  • possibility of operational components change
  • opportunity to choose advanced technical solutions.
Potential consumers of services - private and corporate users whose web resources and services "grew" from usual hosting or virtual dedicated server and require more powerful hardware.
Difference is only in one thing - they can’t or don’t want to buy it. Also using of this service is much more profitable for rapidly developing resources when purchase of a particular configuration is less profitable than renting it.
Synchron Company offers accommodation from standard sites for companies to global portals, news and search engines on company servers. We provide accommodation of one or more sites with an unlimited number of users (connections), also additional software. Our specialists provide 24-hours server monitoring and support of sites.