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Synchron Company offers "colocation" service - placement of customer equipment at the Synchron technical area.

Colocation service provides much faster and easier way to arrange access from the Internet network to the subscriber's resources. It also helps to optimize the costs for the organization of its business in the global "web" (not each resource can be placed using a standard web hosting, and establish access to the speed exceeding 100 Mb/s, is quite expensive and not always coincide with the client possibility).

Colocation Service will be appreciated by the company, which web-sites have become the major portals. Company with the large amount of information, a high number of daily hits, electronic libraries and archives of files, Web pages, staff, etc., needs Colocation. Ukraine has successfully become one of the countries where Internet users (online store owners, or the University site) have the opportunity to use Colocation servers.

Advantages of Colocation:

  • Availability of backup power;
  • Ensure of optimum internal climate comfort;
  • Physical security of all equipment;
  • High level services, aimed at the equipment maintenance (loading of CD-disk in the server, reboot, etc.);
  • Monitoring of performance servers.

Most full advantage of Colocation services are shown in the process of servers placement, which are designed to support of Web sites and many other network services with a sufficiently large volume of traffic (gaming servers, multimedia archives, portals) and equipment, which requires secure access from different points (IP Telephony gateways, VPN-concentrators).

When you use Colocation, one of the most important role plays security. Kiev and other regions, in the face of Synchron, can order this service. While the using process, the entire responsibility for the integrity and safety of the equipment lies on the provider and, in case of malfunctions, it restores the equipment.

Placement details, price, dead-lines, guarantees - information is available by the phone (044) 220-26-60.