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SIP telephony

Synchron Company – is a system integrator, which took its place at the IT market of Ukraine. We provide a full range of support services and maintenance of customer IT-infrastructure. Our mission is to provide services such as SIP telephony at the professional level.

SIP-telephony - a modern alternative form of providing traditional telephone service through Internet access. As a result, SIP number is available anywhere with Internet access. This is practical, fast and profitable, because billing of calls made according to basic rates for telephone services.

Among the advantages possessed by the SIP protocol and ensured by SIP provider, you should first of all, note the following:

  • scale (possibility to increase the number of customers due to the network expanding);
  • ability to select the "beautiful" phone number;
  • high quality of connection;
  • opportunity to organize a mobile (virtual) office anywhere with Internet access;
  • savings (all phone calls are charged according to rates for fixed telephone line - interurban, urban or international);
  • the presence of Kiev number in any place where Internet is available;
  • availability of urban direct number anywhere, regardless of your location;
  • wide range of additional services, including: automatic number identification (ANI), voice menu, call forwarding, call recording, call transfer, conferencing, call-center configuring, full statistics of calls.

List of SIP telephony benefits is very long.

Kiev enables SIP clients to connect and use number and without number phone lines, allowing to organize and operate the telephone networks of any size where access to global network is available.

Correct configured IP telephony server in your office will not miss any incoming calls from customers!

To order service or further details please contact tel. 220-26-60.