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Server administration

Service "server administration" - the ability to get its own team of experienced system administrators who can solve any problem related to the technical support of the server in the shortest possible time, saving your precious time and finances.

Among the advantages, which are famous for remote administration of servers, you should pay particular attention to the fact that for half of system administrator salary, you get the operational work of well-coordinated team of professionals at the highest level!

Synchron specialists have huge experience in cooperation with major companies in Ukraine, so works of the server administration performs as fast as possible with required level skill.

Our company provides server administration, which includes the following steps:

  • Maintenance of servers based on Linux, Windows, Unix;
  • Full support of the software;
  • Provide technical support on all issues;
  • Monitoring the performance of each server and its application;
  • Remote administration of Microsoft SarePoint Server and Microsoft Office Project Server.

To ensure 100% security of your enterprise network, server administration service is provided along with the application of innovative technologies. Access to the server is using due to special software for secure channels
If you have any difficulties, the customer can contact with the masters of our company. This can be done by phone or email. Remote server administration - it is an opportunity as soon as possible to cope with all problems arising in the process - and proven in practice!

In addition, our experts of our company assemble, install and configure the server at the high quality level and with a guarantee.