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Server set-up

After buying or renting of server, it is necessary to configure the server according to specific corporate goals. During web server setup, should be take into account many factors that determine the stable operation, and fault tolerance of servers: the number of domains on the server, domain traffic per day, size of database, the amount and types of content (images, text, audio, video) e-mail traffic.

In the process, our experts will take into account customer wishes and perform the full range of works that requires a web server setup. Thus, if the estimated load on the server will be more (a large number of visitors, a large volume of database, attended forum, etc.), during server setup Synchron technicians will make analyze, during which they will be able to define "weak" points in the system and methods of productivity increase.

Full server setup needs if customer plans to use server for hosting of sites, large-scale projects, using of server for data backup and server statistics. The optimal solution - before server setup, please refer to our experts for consultation according to the future server load and necessary hardware solutions.

In the process of server setup, our company pays attention to the security of the customer corporate information. Statistics in this case is more than eloquent, because 70% of the World Wide Web sites are vulnerable to hacking and various attacks. As a result of unauthorized acts of enemies, you can lose data and sometimes can be full stop of the server. Because of this reason, Synchron professionals take care about basic safety measures, resorting to the use of modern technology, and, if necessary, providing a detailed consultation.

Synchron Company has extensive experience in setting up and server installing of any complexity. Our experts will be happy to assist you in resolving of problems at each stage of the customer's company development.

In the process of server solutions implementing, our company will offer you the most advantageous licensing schemes and purchase of hardware and software.