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Virtual Server

Synchron company helps customers to raise their IT infrastructure to the high level, where their server framework is flexible enough to meet the company IT needs with a growing workload. We create a scalable infrastructure that is adapted to the rapid development and diverse needs of the server.

The integration of new servers and storage virtualization technology enables company to create a hardware-independent IT infrastructure, so the risks while improving the reliability and flexibility are minimal.

Synchron Company leases virtual server, allowing the client to focus on their business and not waste time on monitoring, maintenance, support and maintenance of servers. Synchron technicians support virtual customer server at the mode 24*7*365. In this approach, the customer receives the best return of their IT investments. If you are interested in our approach to the services, please contact us for a detailed information or order service (044) 220-26-60.

The main principle of VPS service is in provision of disk space for customers, channel into the worldwide network and a certain volume of server resources (CPU time, part of the total memory).

To order virtual dedicated server in our company - is the best solution for the company, whose owner does not want to waste time and money to buy a server, search, and training of technical personnel and associated costs.

If you decide to rent or buy a VPS server in our company, you also receive full-grown system, complete control over your server and access to all opportunities, modification and server configuration.

VPS service includes:

  • Testing and selecting the most appropriate configuration of the server;
  • Installing of OS on the selected server and standard software package by our experts;
  • Providing the client with all the rights to administration of dedicated server;
  • Repair / replacement of the server;
  • Repeated automatic installation of the OS and the standard software on the server
  • Server support 24*7*365.

Difference between virtual server and usual server is in absence of needed software and equipment. The main advantage of dedicated server from Synchron Company is a reasonable balance between features and pricing for the majority of corporate web sites.

The advantages of Virtual Server from Synchron:

  • VPS servers are available at the best thought-out price. Offering customers a flexible range of options, Synchron technicians implement any customer request;
  • VPS server in the right place. Long battery life, wide channels, stable temperature - are the needed conditions for normal workability operation.
  • VPS server support. Our company is always ready to offer not only the server configuration, but also his continued support with a flexible approach and the reasonable price.
  • VPS server – optimal solution for scaled project, which after some time, will require greater resources.