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Maintenance of computer network

Synchron Company provides complex creation and support of customer IT infrastructure. Maintenance of computer networks is an integral part of customer information system support.

Maintenance of computer networks includes:
  • non-stop monitoring of the network, diagnostics of it and immediate reaction on the network events;
  • regular software update;
  • network security;
  • providing of planned prophylactic works in the system.
Technical support of computer networks is performed by certified specialists of our company 24*7*365.

For the most correct network operation is recommended highly-experienced approach to the network building from the project beginning. With the aim to build correct IT infrastructure, our clients prefer to order complex project.

This approach is the most effective, because well created system can significantly reduce the cost on its maintenance, and reduce the probability of unforeseen situations.

Typically, any project starts with a detailed IT audit, which determines current state of network and list of needs works for its optimization and upgrading.

For more detailed consultation on this project, please call (044) 220-26-60.