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Local network design

Local computer networks (also known as "computer networks") are systems that consist of machines, which are located in the same building or premises, and from the computers, removed to the sufficient distance. Between them, all the computers can be connected wirelessly or with using cables. For today, the effectiveness of company network is necessary and has a list of advantages:

  • Combined access to all corporate files;
  • Joint use of expensive office equipment (fax machines, scanners, printers, etc.);
  • Effective and quick adding / moving equipment and new working places;
  • Guarantees extra security of corporate data confidential, etc.

Building of local networks should be implemented by the company of highly qualified and experienced professionals who can anticipate and avoid serious mistakes. Synchron experts are ready to take such tasks as organizing a local network, design, and installation of the network, which includes several steps:

  • Local network designing. In accordance with this stage, list of works includes a thorough examination of the primary areas in which will be creation of local network, discuss with clients assigned to the network problems, a preliminary selection of equipment, which can be useful during works.
  • Network building, its installation and assembly. This stage involves laying of cable, installation / configuration of hardware, software and system of corporate information protection.
  • LAN testing, that includes checking of it on security, trouble-free performance and compliance with all existing standards.
  • Warranty and post warranty service.

Creation of network and comprehensive and integrated support of it performs individually in accordance with the requirements and preferences of the customer. Coordinated team of Synchron technicians will create local network of the company "from the beginning", perform correction and provide further support of existing network.