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Data backup

Are you shure that your backup is working? (And is it taken offsite every night?)

Back-up is one of the most necessary and popular procedure in any IT project. We understand the importance and necessity of the service, so pay special attention to Back-up. You can consult with our experts on this issue and get expert advice (044) 220-26-60.

Back-up is one of the most necessary and popular procedures in any IT project.

Loss of data can be the serious reason of company stop working, to paralyze activities of it, and cause serious damage to the business reputation. The cause of data loss can be, for example, the effect of malicious software, careless of employees or failure in the hardware.

Backup service from Synchron technicians will help users. Backup service is a complex of technical and organizational measures which allow to restore data from backup. To make a quick backup of files, you have to save data correctly. There are many backup strategies:

  • Incremental (backup of files that were changed or created since the last incremental or full backup);
  • Full (all data copied to the backup medium);
  • Differential (backup of just created / modified files since the last full backup);
  • A combination of them.

Synchron specialists are ready to perform any of the above transactions in a very short time.

Development of the most appropriate backup strategy is more complicated process than it might seem at the first view. Our technical team has professional experience in this area, so they can evaluate different factors in order to offer the most appropriate solution for you.

Synchron experts consider the importance and volume of data, their location in the network and cost of medium and storage devices, their capacity and reliability, the influence of the backup process on the performance of PCs and other equipment.

Our company is oriented on the b2b segment. This service is available for legal companies.

Cost on Back-up service you can get by calling (044) 220-26-60.