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Incoming system administrator

If customer needs, Synchron Company offers service of system administrator, which provides support of customer IT infrastructure at his territory during working hours on continuing basis. Administrator can come according to customer request or always present in the customer office.

Technical specialists of Synchron Company maintenance of customer IT system in part of resolving minor problems (installations, configurations, set-ups) and in major projects, being indispensable link between client needs and our capabilities.

System administrators which are coming according to customer request, provide technical support at the high level because they are certified and have extensive experience with large-scale customers and implementation of diverse projects.

Service "System administrator on call" is very convenient and has a lot of advantages: presence of NDA, workers certification, absence of costs on the vacations, sick leaves, taxes, optimal prices on the software, equipment, etc.

Advantages of work with Synchron Company are obvious: the existence of certificates of specialists, NDA agreement, lack of hospital expenses, vacations, taxes, expedient prices for equipment, software, etc.

Join to list of our successful clients who dynamically developing their business.

To order service "System administrator on call" - please call (044) 220-26-60.