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Do you have documentation for your Network?.. Does your network transperent for you?.. Does your IT infrastructure really effective?...

If these questions give you reason for pause, you too should pause, take a deep breath and search answers.

Company performance and its profitability depend on the company's infrastructure. If you have doubts about the productivity of your company IT system, you can consult with Synchron experts and receive professional advice.

Network design - is an integral part of IT infrastructure building process. The creation of the project should be dealt with experienced and highly qualified specialists.

Network quality and efficiency depends on all the details of the project and the initial data that should be professionally taken into account. In other words, successful computer networks design and their subsequent performance are directly depends on the project quality.

Designing of information systems consists of a series of major steps:

  • Audit of existing IT-infrastructure;
  • Discussion of project with the customer, creation and coordination of technical task;
  • Creation of basic project concept with details of all benefits of preferred decision;
  • Calculation of  implementation cost;
  • Calculation of technical support;
  • Calculation of the cost-effectiveness;
  • Cost optimization;
  • Preparation and approval of technical documentation;
  • Project coordination with the customer and next updating with the client wishes.

After conducting a thorough audit, detailed analysis of customer requirements, selecting the most effective and innovative technologies, armed with a wealth of working experience with companies at various levels and activities, our experts are developing a project that, in future, will be presented for consideration.

Because of close connection between each stage, it is necessary to pay attention for all of them.

Networks building - the subject of special attention, that needs master skills. Network efficiency depends on the quality performance of each stage: design and installation of LAN, cabling system installation and configuration of the active equipment and software.

During working years, Synchron Company was successfully accumulated experience at different scales: corporate networks design, fiber optic design, design of telecommunications networks, local area network design, design of external networks, etc.

Network design requires a deep knowledge of the principles of interaction of all components, understanding the behavior of all components in a given situation. The lion's share of time and effort in the network designing is required on part of the preparations.

Thus, a superficial analysis would inevitably entail additional expenditure of effort and precious time in the process of implementation and, consequently, increase the amount, which will manage the creation of the project: LAN designing or a fundamentally different project, more complex.

Therefore, the professionalism and experience of company which will make a network designing, plays a key role.

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