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Audit of company IT infrastructure

IT audit is a preliminary stage of each project, which allows independent expert not only analysе in detail, but also to assess the state of current customer IT infrastructure.

Audit of IT Infrastructure provides an opportunity to evaluate: 

  • general state of company’s IT infrastructure;
  • effectiveness of using company’s IT resources;
  • level of protection and level of information security;
  • compliance of currently technologies with available in the market innovative solutions;
  • presence of "weak points" in the system, which need additional attention. 

Our company conducts an audit of information systems for companies that operate in different directions, regardless of the presence of branches and the scale of the business. Our specialists need just one day to diagnosis customer information system fully. During this process every element of IT infrastructure will survey thoroughly.

IT audit includes analysis of the following areas: 

  • software
  • corporate network;
  • communications;
  • server part of information structure;
  • evaluation of technical condition of equipment;
  • correct functioning of computers and peripherals. 

Audit of network provides an opportunity for companies to see and evaluate the scope of the existing IT infrastructure and determine the extent of needed modernization and optimization. In addition, each client receives professional recommendations from Synchron Company concerning optimization of their infrastructure. These advices will help customer to be able to assist further increase of productivity, reduce costs and improve competitiveness and profitability of the company.

Audit of IT - is the first step in the process of carried works by technical experts of Synchron with the client company. Next step is implementation of the project in full compliance with customer requirements and recommendations provided by our specialists.