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How do we work

The working scheme of Synchron Company with customers is very simple, logical and consistent.

At the beginning of each project technical staff of our company conducts check-up of the customer's IT infrastructure. In this analysis examined all the components of IT systems and recorded in the report. Particular attention is paid to "vulnerable spots" that require changes, upgrades, additional installation or configuration.

All above information is passed to the client in the clear, detailed report. Upon request, the customer receives professional consultations by certified Synchron professionals according to expected project. Next step, as a rule, is a project implementation, the previously agreed with the client step by step.

Simultaneously, with the project implementation and after it, service "technical support" is available for customer. According to this service, customer can appeal to helpdesk department of  Synchron company by phone or e-mail in the event of any failure in the company (requests on connection of office equipment, installation of additional software, the issues on the local network , telephony, etc.).

Each client request is recorded in the helpdesk and strictly controlled. Within 4 hours the customer is guaranteed to get any solution for the request or response from the helpdesk about solving of addressed issue (if the problem can’t be resolved within the specified period).

The monthly number of applications and conditions of support recorded in the IT support contract. The client chooses the level of the service and the amount of planning appeals in the Synchron Company.

If the number of applications exceeds client's conditions of the Agreement, the customer receives a detailed report of applications where is present information about application number, the essence of the request, the executive, the time spent on the decision of the application) and additionally pay for the extra services.

Any time customer can change Agreement conditions and level of technical support.

Technical support of the customer IT infrastructure provides customers round the clock monitoring of the state of company IT systems, immediate response to events and solution of various IT incidents at the professional level.