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Server farms and active network equipment are the core of IT infrastructure. Therefore, problems and downtime associated with the kernel, the most critical, because they influence on the all business and may be result in losses in the company. To minimize the risks and recovery time associated with downtime of critical services, the core of IT infrastructure should be maintained accordingly.

Reservation Services
Ultimately, users need continuous work of services, not servers. Constructed and implemented reservation scheme will allow backup service in case of hardware failure to provide full or partial operation of the service with minimal investment funds, or without them. The key point for backup services is understanding that even the most reliable equipment sometimes can fail and this situation must be worked out.
Preventive actions are aimed on compliance with the correct physical conditions of equipment operation (no dust, efficiency of ventilation systems, etc.), also on the conduct periodic testing of operating services. The complex of these actions can eliminate the occurrence of unanticipated problems and thus to remove unplanned downtime. 
For some companies a simple IT services are not admissible, but for others a simple service for 8 hours is acceptable. At the same time, loss of data (documents, databases) isn’t acceptable in any case. To prevent loss of important information it’s necessary to develop and implement the infrastructure and the backup plan. For the successful functioning of the backup infrastructure it’s necessary to carry out regular monitoring and data backup.
Call specialist
By necessity, or if a problem occurs, a specialist of Synchron company in agreed time will come onsite to conduct work.
Specialist on a permanent basis 
In some cases, the business requires the continued availability of specialists at the customer premises in order to maximize rapid response. In this case Synchron company provides dedicated engineer who work in customer office.