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SQL Server 2012

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 - is a popular Microsoft platform for data storage and data management, providing wide opportunities of analysis, characterized by high reliability, high performance and improved functionality to protect access to information

An important feature of SQL Server 2012 is an advanced analysis tools and possibility of interactive data visualization using familiar office applications.

In addition, customers can find an attractive opportunity to deploy SQL Server 2012 in the local network and in the cloud. The database functionality was expanded with the new features, and existing functions were improved. Thus, you can use SQL Server 2012 for a wider class of tasks and facilitate solutions for many existing problems with data management.

SQL Server 2012 Releases


Licensing variants

Server + CAL*

Based on the cores quantity

General releases


High-speed datacenters, data storage and using opportunities of business analytics



Business Intelligence

Corporate and business analytics, analysis of big database 




Basic working opportunities with databases and business



Releases of SQL Server 2012

Microsoft has revised the structure of SQL Server releases, simplify it and provide customers with the ability to select only the features that are required for their business. During the revision of number of issues, were used the following basic principles:

  1.   Each release is a solution of specific range of tasks, as follows:

  •         the creation of highly reliable and fail-safe data processing system of corporate scale, increases the performance of business applications in tens of times
  •         providing powerful capabilities for business intelligence;
  •         construction of a system for basic tasks.

Accordingly, there are 3 major revisions: Enterprise, Business Intelligence (BI) and Standard.

       2. Each older release includes all the functionality of younger

       3. Licensing model of each release will meet the requirements of the range of tasks for which the system is supposed to use.

The secondary releases, such as: Web, Developer, Compact, Express, Parallel Data Warehouse, were also saved. However, many of them are limited by special conditions of delivery (for example, Web Edition can be purchased only through SPLA). Such releases as: Datacenter, Workgroup and Small Business discontinued and are no longer available.