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MS Azure

Microsoft Azureis a platform for creating and managing of IT infrastructure and applications from the "cloud".

Resources and IT services of Microsoft Azure allow you to create virtual machines, unite them into a network, to connect it to your IT infrastructure and complement it with the services and applications of SQL Server, SharePoint and business solutions of our partners for an extremely short time.

Integration of Microsoft Azure with the tools for developing of Web sites and business applications, such as Visual Studio, Drupal, WordPress will create customized solutions for your tasks.

Use a Microsoft Azure as a ready environment for development and testing of pilot projects to allocate resources on demand, it can significantly reduce the time of new services launch of and applications on SharePoint and SQL Server.

Websites and web portals

Use Microsoft Azure for the guaranteed operation of corporate web portals and applications during a peak and unexpected load and media services, responsible for the creation, management and distribution of media content in the cloud, for all operations.

Mobile Applications

Use the existing Microsoft Azure infrastructure for the backend of your mobile applications and services. The platform includes a complete authentication mechanisms with external services, secure data storage, delivery of push-notification for any mobile platform.

Creation of IT infrastructure with virtual machines on Windows Server and Linux

Use Microsoft Azure for development of company IT infrastructure dynamically controlling the allocation of resources for the data center or remote office. Unite the new cloud services and storage in Microsoft Azure with the existing enterprise IT systems.