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Are you still looking for a supplier of Internet services for your company? Do you need high-speed, high-quality service at the reasonable price? Perhaps, our offer will interest you also. We look forward to your request today for a proposal: (044) 220-26-60.

Synchron Company is an internet-provider of high-speed Internet at the territory of Ukraine and provides Internet channeks just for legal organizations.

Nowadays, when Internet one of the most important network in the world, uninterrupted work of companies without high-quality broadband access to the «World Wide Web» is not possible.

Due to close collaboration with the most famous network operators in Ukraine, such as: TOPNET, Ukrtelecom, Freshtel, CityNet, Cosmonova, Alternet, O3, ITS, Datagroup, - Internet Service Provider Synchron provides trouble-free, high-speed, unlimited access to the network.

In Ukraine, our company specializes in the organization of fiber, cable and radio networks. It allows us to connect our customers to Internet very quickly.

Fiber optics advantages:

  • The widest bandwidth among all used data channel environments;
  • immunity to electrical noises, absence of «ground loops»
  • low losses at the transmission of signal, weakening of signal is about 1,5 dB/Km (for dovetail cable RG59 – 30 dB/Km for a signal in 10 MHz)
  • doesn’t cause disturbances in neighbor cables or other fiber optic cables
  • growth of transmission distance
  • high quality of transferable signal
  • fiber optic cable is miniature and light
  • Absence of interferences in neighboring and other fiber optic cables.

One of the key factors in the successful development of the Synchron Company is open communication with clients and satisfaction of their needs in requirements to the network.
If you are interested in the best ISPs in Kiev, please be inform that Synchron company provides high-speed, unlimited network access for enterprise users.

Credo, which ISP is using in his business - the quality of "premium" class in aggregate with a nice price!