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VPN technology provides a permanent connection of several network points with the possibility of secure voice and data information between them. VPN is the best solution for the transmission of sensitive corporate information. All traffic is transmitted between the VPN participators in a secure way based on selected standards of information security.

Advantages of VPN are pronounced when geographically distributed computer networks are combined. For example, for connection between central office and branches in the regions and other countries. 
Virtual channel allows us to relate the local network of offices and ATC and organize multiple communication channels, including Internet access.
VPN Services from Synchron company are:
  • united network of services for all branches
  • protection of confidential data
  • cost optimization
Quality of virtual channel signal over the Internet or another network is a major issue when company chooses a provider. 
Synchron company uses hardware solution for VPN -channels based on their own equipment EASY BOXIt allows you to organize reliable connection and its monitoring.