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VPN set-up

VPN network set-up is important for companies that have subsidiaries, branches, regional offices for the unification of all customer offices into the single network.

Synchron company provides setup of VPN network with the unique equipment, wi-fi router EASY BOX.

EASY BOX - it’s a firewall/router that provides connection between all your office and servers and remote access users.

 EASY BOX Services

 Firewall Service

  • IPS – IDS detection
  • content filtering
  • instant message traffic control
  • traffic flow control
         Quality of Service
  • IP based bandwidth management
  • application based bandwidth management
  • algorithm based bandwidth management
         WI-FI solutions
  • hot Spot applications
  • Wi-Fi links installations
  • access Point
  • station mode for access point
  • mac and IP based filtering
  • MPLS and VPLS routing
  • OSBF,BGP and RIP supported
  • high availability support
  • policy based support
  •  own script language


EASY BOX advantages:

  • Іnternet flow control
  • Сontent filtering
  • Signature based traffic control
  • User based traffic flow management (fair queu inside the group or between the groups)
  • Security approved
  • Spare equipment availability.