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Mass mailing - the best way to tell potential customers about your unique offer.

EASY MAIL - is a service that allows you to carry out mass mailing to unlimited number of users with guaranteed protection from falling into the black - list of spammers. 
This service is very convenient for sending advertising messages, greetings, notification of new product / service, etc.
Functionality of EASY MAIL:
  • sending messages to an unlimited number of contacts
  • setting the parameters of distribution (time, date)
  • automatic error handling
  • web - archive of messages
  • setting of messages filter
  • possibility to make total summary of the mailing
  • hourly statistics of send messages for each day
  • automatic user subscription to mailing
  • the ability to store an unlimited number of mail -lists in the system
  • web- page administration by customer

Customer uses his own base of respondents for direct-mail, we provide just system for mailing.   

Our company is oriented on the b2b segment. This service is available for legal companies.

To order direct-mail service - please, call us (044) 220-26-60.